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Mitigating Learning Loss: It’s About Time

Every ed leader I talk to is beyond weary with the never-ending challenges of a shifting landscape in this highly-irregular, pandemic-driven ‘20-’21 school year. The Herculean and persistent efforts of educators everywhere are so impressive, yet, despite these efforts, the…

Buerk Rubric DIY: Leveling the Standards

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The Buerk Rubric is a growth-based learning system that allows teachers to efficiently design lessons and learning experiences that provide every student with an autonomous path to mastery and beyond. This resource provides step-by-step instructions for how to create your…

Parent/Guardian Conversation Starters

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This resource provides teacher/educators with quick conversation starters in both English and Spanish that will help educators better connect with the parent/guardian of their students in order to increase engagement for remote learning. eNet Members Only! Sorry, but this content…

Start, Stop, Continue Resource

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This resource details a quick and easy process for strategic abandonment that helps teachers and administrators determine together or independently what they need to start, stop, or continue doing. eNet Members Only! Sorry, but this content requires a membership to…

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