Cathy Hurst

e2L Certified eGROWE Coach

Working in Title 1 schools the past 16 years, Cathy has experienced a variety of administrations, students and teachers.

Cathy is  a veteren professional who whole-heartedly believes everyone is capable of learning and deserves opportunities to achieve academic success.  She embraces being an educator as one who encourages and guides teachers and students to continue learning irregardless of their current circumstances.  She also inspires others to realize their learning capabilities and academic success and thrive when partnering with learners from broad backgrounds in creative learning environments.

As a teacher, Cathy has been placed in leadership roles throughout the district.  She was the lead on the vertical team for math at her campuses. She participated in the development of a discipline program which linked the Middle School with the feeder Elementary Schools to create a consistent behavior practice .  As an educator, she was selected to write and develop Math curriculum for CCISD to close the gap of learning in middle school. Working with the administration she has been a part of the development of learning pathways for her school and lead workshops and discussion on Best Practices in the classroom. 


CCISD – Campus Leadership Team

  • Designed and created a Learning Pathway designed to incorporate a student-centered learning atmosphere throughout the campus.

CCISD – Math Curriculum Writer

  • Participated in the design and writing of CCISD math curriculum that targeted at risk students in Middle School.  


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