True collaboration requires vulnerability, eradicates competition, and elevates each person to best and highest use. Great minds think differently; as a team we discover the best solutions that we all own.

At e2L we are Better Together.  There is a common saying that “great minds think alike,” but we believe that “great minds think differently.”  We embrace this concept in recognizing that we all have different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. By valuing this diversity, we are able to collectively arrive at our best outcomes.

We are able to implement our belief that “great minds think differently” through our culture of collaboration. Collaboration is at the forefront of our work and guides our interactions.  We have exceptionally talented people who put ego and agenda aside to collaborate with the sole focus of creating best-in-class solutions that are intentional and elegant.

Our collaboration is framed by our process of critique.  In our “crit” process we use warm and cool feedback as we iterate to move the project forward. We are ever-evolving as individuals and as an organization because we are constantly growing as we learn from each other through our crit process.

The above processes that create Better Together are not only internal to e2L, but are evident in our external relationships with our clients,  as well.  The same principles are modeled in all of the training, coaching, and design work we do with the teachers and administrative leaders we serve.

With championship teams and organizations, the sum of the group is greater than the sum of the individuals. This is often because of the internal culture and the resulting trust, teamwork, collaboration, and growth that follow as a result of the symbiotic relationships in the organization. This is why at e2L we are Better Together.

Albert Martinez | Partnership Strategist

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