Our mission inspires each of us to hustle every day and compels us to strategically sacrifice to ensure we have the intended impact before it is too late. We must be agile and focused because we are the point of the spear.

Our mission is to ensure that all learners thrive in public neighborhood schools and that those schools are the choice of parents and students in America.

We believe that the roots of our personal liberty in this nation are cultivated in the opportunity and melting pot of public schools. This belief and our mission are closely held by each person in our organization. Our mission filters our decisions and motivates each one of us to make countless personal and professional sacrifices for the furtherance of that mission.

As the CEO of e2L, I am humbled to collaborate with our mission-minded team. Rather than think of our work as a job or even a career, we all think of our work as a vocation. We are called to do this work; therefore, I do not need to demand or even ask others to always put our mission first. I am privy to many of the personal sacrifices, the daily commitment, and constant sense of urgency of each of our unique, talented team members.  It is personal to each one of us, and that is why we are so united in the trenches and aligned in our mission. One of our mantras is: if this work was easy, everyone would be doing it. But we can’t stop to look at what is easier. We have to keep doing what is right and what is urgently needed. As long as there are leaders in public education who desire an engaging, worthwhile learning experience for every student and educator, we will relentlessly pursue our mission that we have been called to accomplish, no matter what it takes, because Mission Matters Most.

Shannon Buerk | CEO, Founder

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