We embrace challenges as opportunities to learn. We crave feedback because it makes us better. We measure what we value, and if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. We are so convicted about our processes that we use them on ourselves.

GROWTH…a natural part of life! Babies become adults. Seeds become plants. Puppies become dogs.

Anything that is alive is constantly changing in some way or another.  My thought is, “Why not make that change to be better?” One of the things I absolutely love about the engage2learn organization is the fact that growth is at the heart of everything we do! When a goal is achieved, it is not the organization’s culture to rest on its laurels and simply sit back and coast. We are continually asking, “What are the next steps?”

The eGROWE model (modified GROW model) is a wonderful outline used by e2L. We do not simply train district staff and leave them to figure it out on their own. We believe, and research has shown, that coaching is key in achieving and sustaining growth. The coaching piece is what makes e2L so different from other organizations.

Think about this example: A baseball coach instructs the team on rules of the game, hitting, catching, throwing, running bases, coach’s signals, etc. Yet, when it is game time, he does not even attend the game. That would seem ludicrous, right? Right! That is why on-site coaching is a requirement with e2L. It is the on-site, one-to-one coaching sessions throughout the year that allow engage2learn to implement the eGROWE model with integrity. It is the same model used internally with all e2L employees.

Implementing this model with integrity is a great way to cultivate growth. When any person changes for the better, not only does the individual benefit, but all who associate with them benefit. This is the kind of change we are working to make contagious in public schools!

Tracey Wallace | e2L Certified eGROWE Coach

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