Building “synergy” in McAllen ISD

Last week, Sandra Sanchez from McAllen’s local newspaper “The Monitor” wrote on the “synergy” building in McAllen ISD as a result of e2L’s Strategic Design facilitation.

“COMMENTARY: There’s a ‘synergy’ building for McAllen school district”

By Sandra Sanchez

For two days recently (a total of 18 hours) I participated with 40 others in an important, yet exhaustive, process to help McAllen Independent School District design a five-year strategic plan.

I was honored to have been included and my head is still reeling from all that this work entailed.

My congratulations to McAllen ISD for opening its doors to us and asking for our input. The district’s leaders have shown great courage by asking the community for help and advice.

This was no easy task and it is far from over. In fact, this was Part III in what will be at least five parts. . . .

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