What A Bright 2017!

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s important to reflect and celebrate. It was a banner year for e2L, but more importantly, it was a great year for our partner districts and their learners! In honor of educators’ hard work, we wanted to profile a small sliver of our Bright Spot educators and administrators from 2017.

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District: Alamo Heights ISD

Campus: Cambridge Elementary

Educator: Kristin Ashley

First grade teacher Ms. Ashley partnered with another first grade classroom for a collaborative assignment. Her students taught their peers about the Shadowpuppet app to report on science learning about objects in the sky. The students worked in partners to give an authentic opportunity to embrace communication and collaboration.


District: Aldine ISD

Campus: Parker Intermediate School

Educator: Eden Howe

Ms. Howe persevered during difficult circumstances. The power went out in the school as she was completing a coaching session. Her students returned from their normal Special’s time and Ms. Howe didn’t skip a beat. She assigned students to work on their charged Chromebooks as she continued through her coaching conversation.


District: Arlington ISD

Campus: Career Technical Center

Educator: Deb Blackner

Ms. Blackner does a fantastic job working within the Active Learning Cycle. She writes leveled, standards-based rubrics with aligned resources on each level.


District: Corpus Christi ISD

Campus: South Park Middle School

Administrator: Anna Fuentes

Principal Fuentes focuses on her campus as a professional learning environment for its teachers. She supports ongoing professional development through faculty meetings, book studies, teacher planning sessions, and e2L Framework collaborative planning sessions.


District: El Paso ISD

Campus: Schuster Elementary

Administrator: Nancy Hanson

Principal Hanson empowered her educators to engage in more peer-to-peer class observations. They observed implementations of the El Paso ISD Active Learning Framework to both encourage fidelity of implementation and learning from peers. Principal Hanson helped teachers develop a calendar system that enables them to easily visit other teachers conducting lessons.


District: El Paso ISD

Campus: Coronado High School

Educator: Edward Holland

In an effort to make his learners more Future Ready, Mr. Holland obtained a grant to purchase video recording equipment. He plans to teach his students how to use the equipment to film their own video projects.


District: Fort Worth ISD

Campus: Westpark Elementary School

Educator: Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown integrates authentic, real-world experiences in her Social Studies lessons. Her “We Are Good Citizens” unit invited school personnel, such as cafeteria staff and P.E. teachers, to see real-world applications of the second grade class’s research. Mrs. Brown also created a standards-aligned rubric on Government, which incorporated collaborative learning and differentiation for the diverse needs of her students.


District: Frenship ISD

Administrator: Tori Mahan

Ms. Mahan focuses on creating digital resources for educators. This has created much more efficiency and allowed educators to create much more. Ms. Mahan is always looking for resources to help educators with another way to amplify their instruction.


District: Harlingen CISD

Campus: Harlingen Early College HS

Educator: Cassandra Ramos

Ms. Ramos recognizes the importance of providing differentiated learning opportunities for her learners. She identified her students’ various learning styles and adapted her instruction to value each learning style.


District: Mesquite ISD

Campus: Motley Elementary

Educator: Brenda Blazek

Ms. Blazek helps her first grade students with self assessment via writing. Her students set goals by writing them in their writing folders. Each day, they reflect on their work using a rubric and write about where they place themselves. Ms. Blazek says this process has helped her with her conferring skills as well.


District: Mesquite ISD

Campus: Austin Elementary

Educator: Danielle Casas-Lindo

Mrs. Lindo’s pre-kindergarten class loved using QR codes during their lessons. The students used iPads to scan a QR code to display one letter from the Word Wall. To differentiate meaningful Word Work, higher-ability students said the word out loud, while lower-ability students practiced their letter sounds. The students all then located their corresponding letter on their Letter-Sound Charts and indicated their findings. Students are growing exponentially as a result of Mrs. Lindo’s innovative implementation measures.


District: Ponca City Public Schools

Campus: Union Elementary

Educator: Zach Naegele

Mr. Naegele launched a unit that allowed his students to both navigate through their different learning levels, as well as attend and conduct workshops.


District: Round Rock ISD

Campus: Round Rock ISD ECHS

Educator: Erika Elizondo

Ms. Elizondo models collaboration with her students on a video series. The students made a video series to increase parent communication in regards to their experience with the Learning Framework.


District: South San Antonio ISD

Campus: Zamora Middle School

Educator: Elysia Finch

Mrs. Finch took a rubric approach with her history lessons. She provided students with a rubric as they completed a unit on Caribbean countries. This showed how many points students could acquire to discuss geography, history, economics, culture, and government.

We are so proud of the growth that is occurring on a daily basis throughout our partner districts and we are looking forward to another great year of life-changing learning experiences!

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