e2L Has A New Look!

The world of education is in constant flux, and as a team of educators, so are we. Check out engage2learn’s new look, which we’ve updated to better reflect our mission.

Why a rebrand?

A vital part of e2L’s mission is maintaining a growth mindset. It’s our aim to be the point of the spear; to be ahead of the game. e2L knows it’s important to iterate so we can keep up with the world’s ever-changing landscape. Times change, people change, and therefore we must also change.

It’s our willingness to refresh, rethink, and only settle for the best that allows us to continue to help millions of learners every year.

What’s new?

Our familiar and trusted logo now has a sleek, playful look. A perfect blend of old and new, it demonstrates our tried and true belief that e2L “powers on” public education, while introducing a more cohesive, modern style.

Along with our partners, we are creating the next generation of public education. We’re building on the past legacy of successful public education in America, and are now applying that same design thinking to our own brand and processes.

Along with our partners, we are creating the next generation of public education. Click To Tweet

Our services should evolve to reflect the needs of our partners. For this reason, we’re rolling out the eSuite©.

Each of engage2learn’s services are a part of a whole package that, when used together, form a strong trifecta for maximum learner and educator success. Just like our eSuite© logo, our services function symbiotically to create an ideal experience for teachers, leaders, and students.

Within eSuite© are e2L’s flagship services, Learning Innovation Framework (LIFe©), Learning Environment Design (LEDe©) and Responsible Innovation Design (RIDe©).

Rather than adding one more thing, LIFe© is the one thing that helps you create an ownership model for all of your initiatives.

We help schools define the characteristics, skills, and traits that the local community desires for students in their public schools. Then, the LIFe© design process translates those desired skills to a learner experience that is modernized, relevant, and aligned to the community’s values and aspirations. Utilizing our backwards design approach keeps your end goal in sight and becomes the guiding principle in every action you take and decision you make.

Focusing on the learner aligns your classroom practice to match the experience you want for students.

Learn more about LIFe


When you’re committing a large investment to your learning environment, you want to make sure your dollars are spent in the right place. e2L makes sure your facilities and technology plan is intentional, specific, and based on your community vision for learning with our Learning Environment Design (LEDe©) process.

Learn more about LEDe

RIDe© ensures that our partners have a roadmap to plan and roll out their initiatives responsibly and with fidelity. Whether you’re designing for 1:1, personalized learning, literacy, or STEM, RIDe© facilitates your rollout for the smoothest possible transition and guaranteed sustainability.

Learn more about RIDe

eStudio© will also receive separate branding updates and exciting added features in the coming months.

What does this mean?

e2L is committed to giving educators and learners the best tools possible to be LIFe© Ready. This rebrand and restructuring of our services allows us to provide a clear path forward for districts across the United States.

We are grateful and excited to work with partners who share our mission to make public schools the number-one choice for learners across the country.

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