What do I do now?

You logged in to e2L Studio, and now you’re staring at the screen.

So many options.  So much stuff.  Where should you even start?

Today, we’d like to introduce the Learning Library in e2L Studio, your home for finding and creating resources to move you (and your students) along the path to Life Ready Skills!  We’ll only cover a few sections in this blog post to allow you the freedom to explore on your own, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of what awaits you!

First, let’s look at eGrowe Resources.  These resources are specifically aligned to our 12 e2L Best Practices.  Utilize these resources like stepping stones or the rungs of a ladder, helping you grow!  Putting the Best Practices in to effect in your classroom will help both you and your learners to learn better.  Plus, these resources are categorized neatly by both Best Practice and step within the Best Practice, making it easy to know where to go next!

But what if all you’re really looking for is a handout that you can use in class?  Maybe an idea to make your lesson interesting and engaging for your students? The Learning Library has plenty of those, too!  For those you’ll want to dig in to the Templates and DIY sections, where you can find games, forms, workspaces, and most importantly: ideas!

And if you’ve got a great idea?  Something your students love that makes your day easier?  Well e2L Studio is the perfect place to share it! No matter what it is, you can upload it via that big red CREATE button!  So get creative, take some pictures, and start sharing!

Until next time, keep getting to know your e2L Studio!

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