Badges? I want some stinking badges!

Ever wanted to go back and relive your scouting days?

Great news!  You can earn badges through e2L Studio.  You can save them on to your eStudio Profile or even print them out and put them on the walls of your classroom!

But what are the badges, you ask?

Great question!

There are actually two different sets of badges you can earn in e2LStudio: Synergy Badges and Best Practice Badges.

Synergy Badges are fun little characters that symbolize aspects of the way coaches exemplify the e2L coaching standards.  To earn these cuties, just make sure you’re being the best coach you can! Don’t forget to provide evidence to your coach, get those check marks, and pretty soon you’ll have a cute little Calibrator or Individualizer added to your badges.  Keep working on those skills, and you’ll add more “bling” to the badge.

Best Practice Badges are just what they sound like: badges that mean you’re practicing e2L’s 12 Best Practices!  Just upload evidence for your coaches to review, tell them all about your great teaching, and you’ll earn badges when you hit all of your growth indicators. 

Some of our districts have even thrown parties for teachers to celebrate the badges they’ve earned, so definitely let your principal know your favorite flavor of cake!

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