e2L Studio: Help!

You may (or may not) have noticed a new addition to e2L Studio: a question mark.

This isn’t just any old punctuation, however! This particular question mark, found to the left of your initials in the upper right hand corner of e2L Studio, is the guy you run into in old video games who gives you really subtle hints:

Hint: you’re going to need it.

Wherever you are in e2L Studio, if you need some help getting through the section, just click the question mark and relevant how to guides will appear. These guides may be just a couple of options, or it may be a long menu, depending on the section. Some sections, such as LEARN, have lots of helpful information for users simply because we’ve received the most questions about that section!

So if you’re stuck, look for the question mark! It won’t give you a sword, but it might help you find your way in e2L Studio and that’s way more useful than a sword.

Unless you need to kill a dragon*.

Anyway, we’re always working on adding more how-to guides, so if you find yourself stuck feel free to contact your e2L wizards and request the information or guide that you need!

*e2L does not condone the slaying of dragons

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