Growth Mindset with eSUITE

Do you ever sit and think to yourself: how can I do this better?

That’s a growth mindset.

And that’s what our team of mad scientists do with eSUITE every day. We ask ourselves, “How can we make this better? Easier? How can we make our users happier?”  That’s why we send our techs out to attend our training sessions with teachers! It’s why we crave feedback from the people who use eSUITE most: you. Well, okay, we use eSUITE an awful lot, too!

We use our growth mindset to iterate eSUITE based on the feedback we get from all of our users and, at our best, even before our users think of it.  That means we’re constantly updating and iterating eSUITE to make sure it continues to be place where you can grow!

Below is a list of updates and iterations we’ve implemented this summer to make eSUITE even easier and more useful for you.

Do you ever sit and think to yourself: how can I do this better? That’s a growth mindset. Click To Tweet

State and National Standards

When creating units, these standards are what you will align with. This ensures your students’ learning aligns with state and local goals (fun classes AND passing the test? It’s a win-win!)  This summer we updated TEKS for Streamlined Science, English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, American Association of School Librarians Standards, and Oklahoma Visual Arts Standards.  

Coming soon: National Core Art Standards and Oklahoma Career Tech Standards.

District Learning Frameworks

We’ve made it easier for you to cycle through the steps of your district’s unique learning framework. Revisiting your learning framework is as easy as visiting your dashboard in eSUITE. Just click the area of the graphic you are currently involved in to see the learner and teacher protocols for that step.

Growth Indicators

Growth indicators are the bread and butter of the e2L system. These tools help you and your coach know how quickly you’re growing, so we have to constantly work to make sure they’re the best they can be.

The Best Practices GIs only received minor changes based on feedback that included tweaking some language. The BP/TTESS GIs were reduced to the most applicable GIs aligned to the learning frameworks and evidence examples were added to some to give clarity during coaching. The Coaches Academy GIs were split into a two-tiered certification process to ensure that instructional coaches could become e2L Certified eGROWE Coaches regardless of where their district and campus were in the implementation timeline.

If this is your first year, welcome to eSUITE !  And if you’re a returning educator, welcome back. We’ve made eSUITE even more exciting to use this year, so let’s start growing together!

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