The e2L Studio “Report Issue” Feature

One of our favorite things about e2L Studio is how responsive it is, and that responsiveness has to do a lot with our users!  

Every time we venture into new territory, be it a new state or just a new school district, we try to anticipate that area’s needs.  Do we need to add the standards of a new state into e2L Studio? Is this district using special common core or career tech standards?  Do we have a STEM school that uses more STEM-specific standards crosswalked to state standards? Are there Advanced Placement classes? A large population of ESOL learners?  

We understand that so many things can make a difference in how teachers teach and learners learn, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you need in e2L Studio.  That’s why we’re constantly updating state, local, and national learning standards, reaching out to secure copyright permissions from standard authors, and asking what else our users need in order to successfully design engaging lessons that align with the standards that are most in demand.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: your humble blog author has to get all of those standards in, and it’s no walk in the park!  What we often find is the most help is suggestions and requests from the educators out in the field–that is, you! e2L Studio users are our experts, and we want to hear from you!  If you’re having trouble, please reach out via the “Report Issue” feature!  If you need a set of standards added, please send us an email!  Help us help you help kids!

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