Autonomy Rubric

The Autonomy Rubric included in this toolkit is one of several e2L rubrics provided to assist parents, teachers, and students in setting goals and assessing growth towards acquiring skills identified as desirable for college readiness and employability.

e2L Recommended Reading & Viewing List

This list contains some of our favorite thought leaders and can be utilized to begin conversations with community, conduct a book study or article study with staff or Board of Trustees, provide to parents to dig deeper into the literature so they are informed on the "why, what, and how" of educational change or just to study for yourself. Enjoy!

Engaging Education Video

This video provides a brief look back at the history of education in American in order to begin the dialogue about what we need to do to ensure our youth thrive in today's society.

Learner Profile for Students

The student is invited to reflect on his/her learning style and preferences in this resource that provides information for the teacher to use in designing engaging and differentiated learning experiences.

Learning Style Tips for Home

This resource provides tips for parents to use to assist with creating a study environment at home that aligns to an individual student's learning style and preferences.

LIFe Ready Collaboration Rubric

A rubric is designed to define expectations for a particular learning standard. The rubric contains 4 progressive levels of concepts that foster mastery of each LIFe Ready Skill. Learners can use rubrics to set learning goals and track progress and...

Parent Orientation to Student-Centered Learning

Student-centered learning puts education into the hands of learners. This system of learning is innovation-focused and develops learners’ LIFe Ready skills. It’s been proven to decrease discipline referrals, increase student engagement, and prepare students for the economy of tomorrow. However,...

Student and Teacher Learning Framework Roles

A student-centered learning framework is the key to preparing learners for the economy of today and tomorrow. But when our schools turn to student-centered learning, it can sometimes be difficult to understand student and teacher roles within the new learning...

Supporting e2L Learners at Home

This resource is provided to give suggestions for parents to be able to ask questions, assist with problem-solving, and stay involved with student learning throughout the five steps of the e2L Learning Framework and standards mastery

Supporting Your Child’s Education At Home

We know that parents only want the best for their children. Learning doesn’t end with the classroom, and often students may raise questions about their education at home. Your child’s inquiry-based, differentiated learning environment may be different than the educational...

Unit Communication Template

The Unit Communication Template provides parents with information about each unit of learning including the standards for mastery, the due dates, what will be graded and when as well as a goal-setting and reflection piece to complete with students for each unit.