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One in five teachers will leave their classrooms within their first five years on the job, and studies show that professional development (PD) may be the answer to teacher retention. Effective PD that provides on-going support and evidence-based coaching empowers teachers - not just their ability to teach curriculum - but to help students develop meaningful skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

e2L's proven, data-driven coaching equips teachers and staff to realize your district’s vision for learning. e2L’s time-tested coaching model gets results. With CIA, you will:

  • Create coaching capacity within your organization
  • Develop a sustainable system for growth and innovation
  • Establish a consistent coaching structure across your district
  • Successfully combine technology and instructional best practices

$7,550/person | $37,750/team of five*
*Teams may be larger than five, but five is the minimum team size.

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Accelerate growth and energize your staff with training and coaching from engage2learn's expert educators.

CIA is ideal for leaders, including:

  • Instructional Specialists
  • Library-media Specialists
  • Instructional Technology Coaches
  • Assistant Principals

Register your team of five or more! Each team will receive five days of training in Austin, plus 10 on-site coaching days.

Texas Cohort Dates

  • September 24-26, 2019
  • December 9-10, 2019

"From the onset of the project, the team worked with me, central leaders, and the community to customize all support and resources. Nothing was handed to us prepackaged or from a box. . . The highlight of our work was, not only equipping educators with new tools for teachers through a solid coaching model, but really the overall experience of having a large network on your side to guide the work. . ."

Khechara Bradford, Assistant Superintendent C&I - Spring ISD

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