What is a DIY?

We know that educators are the ultimate DIY-ers. For the first time, learn e2L’s facilitation secrets! An online course shares the proven processes, agendas, slide decks, and checklists you need to facilitate design thinking with your local team. The participants will collaborate within e2L’s eDIY online app, as you design your district’s unique vision together.

Each e2L DIY includes...
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e2L Processes/Frameworks

Facilitate using e2L’s processes that integrate design thinking and backwards design.

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TOT Training & Online Course

Reference an online course that walks you through facilitating each step.

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eDIY Facilitation App

Access 24/7 through the app your slide decks, facilitation guides, and a collaborative platform for your participants.

e2L DIY: Strategic Design Logo

Strategic Vision

Create a 3-5 year strategic plan aligned with your community’s needs and vision

e2L DIY: Learning Innovation Framework Logo

Learning Framework

Combine initiatives into one aligned framework that guides teachers and learners

e2L DIY: Campus Vision

Campus Vision

Create a common campus vision, set goals, and develop action plans

e2L DIY: Learner Profile

Learner Profile

Develop a set characteristics, skills, and desired by your community for its learners.

e2L DIY: Educator Profile

Educator Profile

Create distinct educator profile aligned strategically with needs of you learners.

e2L DIY: Leader Profile

Leader Profile

Define the leaders your district needs to realize the vision for learners.

e2L DIY: Culture Tenets

Culture Tenets

Create the vision for the ideal culture of your district and/or campus with a set of tenets aligned to your beliefs.

e2L DIY: Community Based Accountability

Community Based Accountability

Design a unique accountability tool with your community to assess campuses.