Create your own assessment tools for local accountability

e2L’s DIY on Community Accountability provides districts the opportunity to focus beyond standardized test scores to design a system for local accountability. This DIY provides all of the processes, tools and resources necessary for district stakeholders to create an assessment tool to score/rate campuses using locally developed domains for accountability.

WIth the e2L Community Accountability DIY, you’ll get...

A locally designed accountability system

Tools for assessing campuses
e2L’s Community Based Accountability helps you measure what your community desires for its learners.

Your Community Based Accountability DIY includes these amazing features and benefits.

Extensive Facilitation Tools & Resources
Fully customizable facilitation agendas, slide decks, task checklists, and participant workspaces

Online Facilitation Course
Facilitators receive access to a special online course designed to provide a detailed walkthrough of every step of the process

e2L's eDIY App
The eDIY App is e2L's powerful tool built to facilitate the collabortive design process between stakeholders

Facilitation & Technical Support from e2L
One 30-minute session of scheduled virtual technical assistance and facilitation support


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