Learning Innovation Framework

Create Your One Thing Instead of "One More Thing"

e2L’s Learning Innovation Framework (LIFe) helps districts prepare learners for an unpredictable future by providing a succinct process and framework by which district and community stakeholders define their ideal learner experience. The e2L DIY for LIFe is a ready-made product that helps districts of any size consolidate initiatives into a singular, vision-aligned framework for teachers and learners and ensures your vision is actualized in every classroom across the district.

With a Learning Innovation Framework, you’ll get . . .

A Unified Framework for Learning

Define the ideal learner experience for your district
Integrate all current district initiatives into “one thing”
Align district performance metrics to measure return on investment

Increased Achievement Through Innovation

Guide instruction with best practice-aligned teacher and learner protocols
Create an equity of experience for all learners
Produce future-proof learners of all ages!

e2L’s Learning Innovation Framework helps to align all of your initiatives into the “One Thing.”

Your Learning Innovation Framework DIY includes these amazing features and benefits.

Trainer-of-Trainers Training
Two days of TOT training for two district staff members.
Available 2019 TOT training dates: January 28 & 30 | March 27-28

Extensive Facilitation Tools & Resources
Fully customizable facilitation agendas, slide decks, task checklists, and participant workspaces

Online Facilitation Course
Facilitators receive access to a special online course designed to provide a detailed walkthrough of every step of the process

e2L's eDIY App
The eDIY App is e2L's powerful tool built to facilitate the collabortive design process between stakeholders

Facilitation & Technical Support from e2L
Two webinars during which district facilitators can ask e2L staff facilitation questions and get additional support
Up to four 30-minute sessions of scheduled virtual technical assistance and facilitation support, as needed, by the facilitator of the Strategic Design


e2L DIY: Strategic Design Logo

Strategic Design

Create a 3-5 year strategic plan aligned with your community’s needs and vision

e2L DIY: Learning Innovation Framework Logo

Learning Innovation Framework

Combine initiatives into one aligned framework that guides teachers and learners

e2L DIY: Campus Design

Campus Strategic Design

Create a common campus vision, set goals, and develop action plans

e2L DIY: Learner Profile

Learner Profile

Develop a set of characteristics, skills, and traits desired by your community for its learners.

e2L DIY: Educator Profile

Educator Profile

Create a distinct educator profile aligned strategically with the needs of your learners.

e2L DIY: Leader Profile

Leader Profile

Define the leaders your district needs to realize the vision for learners.

e2L DIY: Culture Tenets

Culture Tenets

Create the vision for the ideal culture of your district and/or campus with a set of tenets aligned to your beliefs.

e2L DIY: Community Based Accountability

Community Based Accountability

Design a unique accountability tool with your community to assess campuses.

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