Create Your 3 to 5 Year Strategic Plan.

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With engage2learn’s Strategic Vision DIY you have the power to create a strategic plan aligned with your community’s needs and vision. Guide your superintendent, board of trustees, and leadership through a collaborative, community-based process. Through e2L’s Strategic Vision, you will create a Strategic Design Framework that will guide your district for three to five years.

With the e2L Strategic Vision DIY, you'll get . . .

Community Engagement Process & Data

Stakeholder-Designed Vision for Learners

Actionable 3-5 Year Strategic Plan

Your Strategic Design DIY includes these amazing features and benefits.

Trainer-of-Trainers Training
Two days of TOT training for two district staff members.
Spring 2019

Extensive Facilitation Tools & Resources
Fully customizable facilitation agendas, slide decks, task checklists, and participant workspaces

Online Facilitation Course
Facilitators receive access to a special online course designed to provide a detailed walkthrough of every step of the process

e2L's eDIY App
The eDIY App is e2L's powerful tool built to facilitate the collaborative design process between stakeholders

Facilitation & Technical Support from e2L
Two webinars during which district facilitators can ask e2L staff facilitation questions and get additional support
Up to four 30-minute sessions of scheduled virtual technical assistance and facilitation support, as needed, by the facilitator of the Strategic Design


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