Better PM for Ed Leaders – Session 02:

Executing Well-Oiled Projects at Scale

February 10, 2022  • 11am – 1pm or 1:30pm – 3:30pm

In session 2 of the Better PM for Ed Leaders series, district leaders will learn about project management tools and task management systems that keep everyone involved in a particular project organized, informed, and focused on the work. We’ll also be sharing systems and protocols that will optimize every meeting for productivity & performance, ensuring everyone working on a project knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

About Better PM for Ed Leaders Series:

The Better PM for Ed Leaders series is perfect for district/central office administrators who want to master how to effectively plan and execute highly efficient projects and initiatives. From project kickoff to completion and everything in-between, this collaborative, 3-part virtual event series will help you learn how to manage, monitor, and evaluate the success of your projects and/or initiative.


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FEB 10 @ 11:00 am CST
FEB 10 @ 1:30 pm CST

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