Game Changers Coaches Academy 2018

Game Changers Coaches Academy

The academy for designing culture and coaching innovation.

Coaching increases implementation from 5% to 95%–so why aren’t we doing it?

It’s crucial to show teacher growth and student achievement as a ROI of your coaching resources. Are you getting this return on investment?

If you want to:

You need e2L Game Changers Coaches Academy.

The e2L Game Changers Coaches Academy is a training and coaching package where district coaches can become certified as e2L Certified eGROWE Coaches by applying the processes that e2L has proven to get results. It’s a perfect program for instructional specialists, library-media specialists, IT coaches, assistant principals, and district or campus coaches.

Why coaching?

Did you know that coaching is the best way to ensure teachers transfer new learning to classroom practice? Studies show that teachers implement 95% of what they learn  through coaching, as opposed to a mere 5% retention and transfer through training alone.

Why e2L?

  • The e2L eGROWE © coaching model offers the only coaching platform, e2L Studio, that documents growth from your coaching conversation.
  • e2L Studio ©  also has thousands of resources for professional learning based on the e2L 12 Curated Life Ready Best Practices that impact student achievement.
  • Shannon Buerk, CEO of e2L, won Gold at the 2017 Stevie Awards for the Most Innovative Woman in Technology for the e2L Studio platform.

You can try other systems, or you can do what’s proven to work with the e2L coaching model. Learn how to implement this research-based and effective coaching for growth model in your district through the e2L Game Changers Coaches Academy series.

What our attendees are saying

“This has been a really interesting experience. I have learned a whole lot. It’s a little disconcerting because it’s such a steep learning curve, but I feel like the strategies that we’ve learned and the support we have through the website, I think will really help us as we coach our librarians and try to move them along and improve the instruction in our libraries.”- Nan Dosker

“Training definitely stretched me professionally. It’s made me uncomfortable, but also when I went through the process, it helped me to feel more confident and know that I can do this.”- Belinda Jacks

Event details

Hear from innovative organizations about how they use coaching to improve employee growth while embracing the organization’s mission. No matter your goal, use the engage2learn coaching model to get results in your district.

Game Changers Coaches Academy is a 13 month program that includes 5 days of training and 10 days of coaching per person. It also includes thousands of resources for best practices as well as an online system for documenting coaching conversations and teacher growth.

Location: Dallas, TX

Training Dates: September 19 – 21, in addition to 2 days on December 6 – 7

Coaching + Calibration: 10 sessions per attendee in district

Attendees: 5+ per district


Who: instructional specialists, library-media specialists, IT coaches, assistant principals, district or campus coaches

Total Pricing: $37,500 for a group of five coaches. GCCA is payable with Title IV, Part A funds.

  • 3 days of Initial Training (April 30-May 2, 2018; September 19 – 21, 2018)
  • 2 additional training days on December 6-7, 2018
  • 10 Coaching Sessions for each coach in district to be spread across the 2018-19 school year
  • Access to e2L Studio (online coaching and teaching resources and growth platform)
  • e2L travel to on-site days in district is included in registration fee
  • Breakfast and lunch are included for training days for each registered attendee
  • Districts are responsible for costs for attendees to travel to training days

Spaces are limited 

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