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Designing a space for education is important. More important, however, is how the space is actually used. At engage2learn, we want to ensure that learning spaces perform to their maximum potential: that’s why we created LEC.

For a fraction of the total cost of construction, a team of educators experienced in design and facilitation will partner with your faculty and staff to maximize your learning environment. This ensures a significant return on investment that benefits your stakeholders.

LEC Includes:

  • Two Days of Systems Design
  • Two Days of Teacher/Staff Training
  • Creation of Online “User Manual” Course
  • Twenty Days of Teacher Coaching
  • Five Days of Executive Coaching for Campus Leaders

LEC maximizes the capacity of education spaces and planned technology for your district, ensuring that the learning experience is modern and elegant.

engage2learn is a team of experienced education professionals who excel at training and coaching best practices for using space.

LEC is ideal for both new construction and modernization projects.

Ready to maximize the learning potential of your campus?

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