Harlingen Consolidated ISD

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Harlingen CISD realized the need to create a local vision for learning and modernized classrooms to support that vision including the implementation of Digital Learning.

Harlingen CISD Lesson Sequence

Harlingen CISD Design. engage2learn Facilitated.


Harlingen CISD partnered with e2L to facilitate a strategic design process in order to create a collaborative local vision for learning.  HCISD then reached out to e2L again to partner together to create a learning framework to provide clarity of methods for learner experiences.  Click here to read more about HCISD’s effort: Transforming Learning for Global Achievement. As HCISD continues implementing strategies outlined in the HCISD Strategic Plan, their learning framework known as Harlingen’s Guide to Effective Design of the Lesson Sequence serves as the single vision for learning in CISD and will guide the building of internal capacity to ensure a solid implementation that leads to growth in teachers and students. e2L will support HCISD building internal capacity through coaching elementary coaches to coach teachers for Digital Learning in the Modernized Classroom, middle school coaches to adequately support implementation and teachers’ growth for middle school redesign, and high school coaches to sustain Digital Learning in the Modernized Classroom.  

HCISD has also been able to build off of the collaborative local vision created in their strategic plan to fund the modernization of classrooms. The Strategic Design Team has supported the district in using the Strategic Plan goals to successfully pass a tax rate election that essentially increased the district budget 10 million dollars annually to fund the modernization of classrooms where the learner experience is being updated to reflect the vision of the community.  


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Demographic Profile:
African American 0.5%
Hispanic 91.5%
White 7.1%
American Indian 0.1%
Asian 0.6%
Pacific Islander 0.0%
Two or More Races 0.2%
Economically Disadvantaged 78.3%
Non-Educationally Disadvantaged 21.7%
English Language Learners (ELL) 13.5%
Students w/Disciplinary Placements 3.9%
At-Risk 52.2%