Huntsville ISD

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Huntsville ISD has a vision to provide learning environments for students to have the opportunity to participate in profound learning through meaningful learning experiences.  The district believes that providing teachers a learning framework in which they are provided a way to design and facilitate engaging lessons will lead to profound learning for students.


Huntsville ISD partnered with e2L in the fall of 2015 to engage in the community-based strategic design process. The e2L process is designed to build a shared vision, mission, and goals utilizing input from a variety of constituents throughout the district. Besides these products, the process resulted in the following outcomes: clarity of the priorities for the district for focusing resources, engagement of the district and community in collaborative dialogue, and simultaneous capacity building for all stakeholders for implementation of the results of the strategic design process. Using the e2L proven strategic design process, the HISD design team collaborated to create a locally designed vision based on their beliefs about learning. In order to reach the community-inspired vision, Huntsville ISD partnered with e2L to implement the Huntsville Engage Learning Model (HELM). This learning framework provides clarity of methods for the learner experience, so students have the opportunity to master the TEKS at profound levels and gain the future ready skills necessary to be prepared for their futures.  The district is supporting teachers implementing the framework through e2L teacher training and coaching as well as building a sustainable coaching model through an e2L Coaches Academy team.


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