Keller ISD

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e2L Learning Framework for Real Engagement and Learning

Total Number of Students: 33,245

In Spring 2014, Keller ISD (KISD) sought out Engage services to implement the engage2Learn Framework © that would shift campus cultures to a collaborative and design thinking learning environment. Based upon Engage’s readiness assessment, a customized e2L Framework © was developed for volunteer only classrooms. This volunteer-only approach started with training a team of internal coaches and specialists to build sustainability and fidelity. This team worked together to design, develop a timeline and rollout for the district that included integrating and aligning district initiatives.

Through this work, teachers developed expectations for future ready growth for students. A sampling of these skills include collaboration, content creation, self-directed learning, responsibility, communication and conflict resolution. A teacher growth model was also developed, aligned with T-TESS as well.

Due to this strategic approach, KISD successfully implemented a 2:1 high tech environment for teachers and students at every grade level in the district. Because of this effective approach, KISD has taken steps to expand its work with Engage by tripling the size of teachers from 50 to 250 teachers participating in the framework. This effort continues to be on a voluntary basis. Additionally, in the first year KISD had 13 campuses involved and next year (2015-16), 30 campuses will begin its work to implement the e2L Framework ©. This initiative started across the district at elementary, middle and in the ninth-grade. For this coming school year, tenth-grade teachers are beginning their work to implement the framework as students roll up through their high school years.

As Engage begins its second year of implementation with KISD, building internal capacity for coaching is the primary focus with on Engage Certification of district coaches at all levels. The goal for students as a result of the implementation is accelerating mastery learning with Future Ready Skills ©/soft skills embedded. Based upon Engage’s readiness assessment, this customized framework allows for fidelity and sustainability of the desired climate and culture shift where empowerment is key for all stakeholders. Evidence of success includes instructional leaders identifying higher levels of student engagement through collecting walk through data and teachers reporting higher levels of critical thinking.

Demographic Profile:
African American 7.9%
Hispanic 19.4%
White 60.9%
American Indian 1.0%
Asian 7.9%
Pacific Islander 0.3%
Two or More Races 2.6%
Economically Disadvantaged 22.2%
Non-Educationally Disadvantaged 77.8%
English Language Learners (ELL) 6.0%
Students w/Disciplinary Placements 0.5%
At-Risk 25.7%