Building Internal Capacity with e2L

Total Number of Students: 24,316

With the e2L Learning Framework ©, McKinney ISD (­MISD) wanted to create a dynamic learning environment grounded in mastery learning and Future Ready Skills ©/soft skills. Additionally, campuses wanted to build internal capacity and sustainability to ensure future ready skills were embedded throughout the learning environment. Based upon MISD’s long-term goals, Engage designed a customized e2L Learning Framework where campus leaders and teachers are trained, coached and equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to design, facilitate, and lead students to be future ready. This partnership also consisted of building customized curriculum components for campus leader training, teacher training, trainer of trainers (Coaches Academy ©) and for the Future Ready Skills ©/soft skills important to MISD.

As part of Engage’s work, MISD incorporated eStudio ©, an online platform for teachers and students. Through this platform, teachers are able to chunk standards throughout the school year while students are learning to research, analyze, collaborate and create with their peers through face-to-face and on a safe, secure online platform. This customized platform also allows parents to see first-hand the standards and Future Ready Skills ©/soft skills they are working on in the classroom. Parents have also been provide these same resources to build a partnership between the home and classroom to reinforce these MISD identified Future Ready Skills ©/soft skills.

The implementation of the e2L Framework © started with one (1) pilot campus, Glen Oaks Elementary, and now has grown to seven (7) campuses across elementary schools, middle schools and high schools with seven (7) more campuses entering implementation in 2015-16. Executive Leadership Coaching for campus and district leaders has been a focus of the partnership with Engage; with this campus-based rollout model, MISD realizes the need to build capacity ahead of implementation with leadership to prepare for the next phase of the rollout.

The campuses in McKinney ISD that are implementing the e2L Framework © have become lighthouse campuses for the nation hosting hundreds of visitors each year including educators and business leaders who want to see the dynamic, technology-enabled and collaborative culture in action. MISD also ensures readiness for expanding implementation by conducting internal tours rotating each leader and teacher through campuses who are an existing implementation prior to implementing on their own campus.

MISD has campuses that were already high performing campuses before partnering with Engage. The goal of the partnership was mostly focused on cultural outcomes for engagement and collaboration. However, the district has also seen unexpected increases in student achievement on these campuses along with the cultural shift as a result of the implementation.

Demographic Profile:
African American 12.6%
Hispanic 26.6%
White 53.9%
American Indian 0.6%
Asian 3.3%
Pacific Islander 0.3%
Two or More Races 2.8%
Economically Disadvantaged 29.6%
Non-Educationally Disadvantaged 70.4%
English Language Learners (ELL) 10.2%
Students w/Disciplinary Placements 0.7%
At-Risk 27.1%