Engaging Students, Staff and Community

San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District initiated a community conversation on what learning should look like for its students. In 2014, SMCISD started its Epic Adventure by utilizing engage2learn’s Design Process. Throughout the district’s Epic Adventure, the district held a series of community wide education summits, gathered additional input through a survey and held focus groups to develop the district’s strategic plan.

The strategic plan’s goals include the following:

  • Designing engaging lessons to promote profound student learning
  • Maximizing the district’s investment with technology
  • Building leadership capacity to redesign learning for students
  • Continuing to engage parents and the community in the learning process

With these goals, SMCISD recognized the value of using engage2learn’s ability to assist in implementing the desired learning environment.

As a result of utilizing engage2learn’s e2L Framework, SMCISD classrooms have become dynamic learning environments where teachers lead students through meaningful experiences fostering mastery of state standards. As a partner, engage2learn trains and equips teachers and administrators with the knowledge and resources needed to design and lead these experiences so students can acquire content-specific and future ready skills.

“The engage2learn’s e2L Framework is a standards-based process with seamless technology applications and encourages design of engaging learning experiences for students. In this Framework, teachers present authentic standards-based challenges that are grounded in the local community. Teachers lead learners through five consistent protocols to resourcefully and responsibly meet the challenge while mastering the standards. Students gain content knowledge as well as content-specific and soft skills to become college and career ready and thrive as contributing citizens and community member,” Mark Eads, superintendent of schools, said.

Additionally, engage2learn assisted SMCISD to establish a strong internal coaching process that trains and coaches its teachers providing long-term sustainability. Through this coaching process, teachers are empowered leading their classrooms by creating collaborative, autonomous, sustainable learning environments. Teachers have shown significant growth as they become leaders, designers, and facilitators.

Read more about the SMCISD’s implementation of the e2L Framework.

Demographic Profile
African American 4.7%
Hispanic 72.4%
White 20.8%
American Indian 0.2%
Asian 0.8%
Pacific Islander 0.1%
Two or more races 1.0%
Economically Disadvantaged 70%
Non-Educationally Disadvantaged 30%
Limited English Proficient (LEP) 8.4%
At-Risk 43.2%
Students with Disciplinary Placements 2.2%