Corpus Christi ISD | Kostoryz Elementary & South Park Middle School

Future Ready Skills


In 2014, CCISD used an award from the Texas Title I Priority Schools grants to partner with e2L on Kostoryz Elementary School and South Park Middle School, two of the lowest-performing campuses in the State of Texas.

The campuses had mixed academic ratings with several campus leadership changes during the previous seven years. CCISD wanted to provide a design thinking learning experience that would also ensure that the campuses, which had been designated as Priority Schools and “Needs Improvement,” in years past, would be successful.


CCISD’s goals were to use an innovation mindset and Future Ready Skills to improve their chronically under-performing campuses. They wanted to provide a learning framework that helped students thrive and be equipped for the future.

CCISD created an engaging learner experience and invested more in their human capital. Necessary teacher, leader, and coach training enabled the district to see sustainable change.


Since 2014, Kostoryz has increased by +609 spots out of all the elementary schools in Texas. That is compared to a +59 average increase in ranking for all CCISD elementary schools. Kostoryz also saw increases across the board in learners who met STAAR standards as well as postsecondary readiness.

South Park Middle School increased +119 spots out of all the middle schools in Texas since 2014, while improving test scores. 

After their e2L implementation, Kostoryz and South Park both saw increased attendance, decreased discipline referrals, and increased standardized test scores by 3% – 20% for all subjects.

Kostorzy Elementary School


South Park Middle School