LIFe for Blended, Active Learning

El Paso ISD

When the state-appointed Board of Managers hired EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera 5 years ago, he was facing huge challenges. In addition to replacing leaders throughout the organization, rectifying the reputation and integrity of the district, and shifting the culture, Superintendent Cabrera had a vision for every learner to get a meaningful learning experience in every classroom every day to prepare for life after school. “The quality of students’ education should not be determined by their zip code,” Superintendent Cabrera is often heard saying.

El Paso ISD partnered with engage2learn in 2015 to design the EPISD Active Learning Framework and launch the wall-to-wall modernization of teaching and learning through a strategic, 5-year multilayered coaching process rolled out to two feeder patterns each year. Every teacher, leader, and mentor in the district will receive training and individualized coaching to create the equity of learner experience across the district. While many urban districts use a strategy of choice schools to provide pockets of excellence, Superintendent Cabrera, his now-elected Board of Trustees and his leadership team are committed to closing the experience gap for every learner, and it is working!

Even in the first year of the Active Learning Framework (ALF) implementation, student engagement increased and there was a double-digit difference in standardized test scores in ALF classrooms as compared to other classrooms. In year two, the ALF feeder patterns showed enough growth that the overall district scores trend turned positive and El Paso ISD received the third most distinctions in the state of Texas.

Three years into their 5-year responsible rollout El Paso ISD, through its partnership with e2L and the implementation of teacher and leader training and coaching on the e2L Life Ready Best Practices and the EPISD Active Learning Framework, is already seeing amazing results!

Two-year Student Engagement Gallup Student Poll

Student Achievement 2017 in All Subjects High School

El Paso ISD Algebra 1 Masters Grade Level

What Our Partners Are Saying

“We’re proud to partner with engage2learn on this important work. It’s inspired an important change for EPISD. We strive for Active Learning that is student-focused, which 

requires shifting away from traditional teacher-centered classrooms. Our teachers receive support from coaches and district partners to make this a reality.”

– El Paso ISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera


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