El Paso ISD

LIFe for Blended, Active Learning

El Paso ISD partnered with engage2learn in 2015 on an initiative to provide engaging learning experiences and grow Life Ready students. In an effort to bring all initiatives into one student-centered way of learning, engage2learn facilitated the team of El Paso leaders as they designed the EPISD Active Learning Framework.

Through these learning experiences, students of all learning styles will have opportunities to think creatively and collaborate as they design solutions to real problems.

The Active Learning Framework is being rolled out responsibly in cohorts over the next five years.  

The initial cohort of 500 teachers across 67 campuses, Team 2020 Platinum, was trained in the summer of 2016 and is growing the culture of active learning in El Paso ISD. To support the initiative, engage2learn is providing training and coaching to teachers, Active Learning Leaders, Instructional Technology Specialists, and campus principals.

For the 2016 – 2017 school year, there was a significant difference in scores between students’ scores with teachers who were coached by e2L and those who were not coached. Non-e2L coached English II classrooms had an average score of 52.47%, while e2L-coached classrooms had an average score of 92.33%. Non-e2L coached Math classrooms in grades 3-12 had an average score of 73.4%, while e2L-coached classrooms had an average score of 80.8%

During the 2017 – 2018 school year, there were significant gains in EOC Composite scores. Three feeder patterns saw across-the-board gains in Algebra I 8-12 Masters.

El Paso ISD has placed a priority on ensuring students are prepared for their futures. Providing Active Learning experiences for El Paso students will empower them to innovate, engage in the community, and drive the local economy.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“We’re proud to partner with engage2learn on this important work. It’s inspired important change for EPISD. We strive for Active Learning that is student focused, which requires shifting away from traditional teacher-centered classrooms. Our teachers receive support from coaches and district partners to make this a reality.”

– El Paso ISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera