In response to the amazing results and demand for engage2learn’s (e2L) Life Ready Best Practices, e2L is excited to now offer our rubrics along with detailed implementation guides as online, professional learning courses for teachers. These courses are perfect for busy teachers who are looking for ways to accelerate student growth and achievement, and the flexibility of an online, self-paced course puts you in control of your own learning.

Each Personalized Pathway Course includes:

  • Four-level Best Practice Rubric with clear growth indicators
  • Classroom tips, tricks, and resources you can apply immediately
  • Detailed Implementation Guide for leaders

Pricing: Campus Course site licenses are available for as low as $12/course.

What are partners are saying…

“The courses provide videos that enhance the learning and resources that can be implemented immediately in the classroom. Using the best practice courses allows the educator to learn at his/her own pace and utilize the resources that are most beneficial for the students. “
District Coach
“e2L's BP online courses are a great way to grow in your depth of knowledge of different research-based Best Practices”.
District Coach
“e2L's best practice courses are perfect for busy teachers who are looking for ways to accelerate student growth and achievement.  You may choose to work on the course as a PLC team, with a colleague after school, or alone in your pajamas! The flexibility of an online, self-paced course puts you in control of your learning.”
District Coach

Professional learning courses based on the best available research!

Each PPC is based on one of the e2L Life Best Practices and provides easy to follow, actionable tips and resources to help teachers implement the best practices in the classroom. The e2L 12 Life Ready Best Practices represent the most concise summation of over 800 academic studies on practices that lead to student achievement and college and career readiness, and e2L’s own extensive experience helping over 75,000 educators improve student achievement and engagement for their students. 

Available Courses

Each course includes a four-level rubric with actionable growth indicators, a detailed implementation guide, and hundreds of tips and resources for immediate classroom application.

Available Course Bundles

Bundle your courses to best suit the vision and/or learning initiative of your district or campus.

Social Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning focuses on the process of students and staff effectively applying knowledge and skills necessary to manage emotions. Studies find that mindfulness reduces feelings of stress and anxiety when placed in a stressful social situation. This is a critical coping skill needed to advance learner achievement. Students learning to set and achieve goals show empathy and maintain positive relationships, resulting in successful adults later on in life.

4 Courses Included: Collaboration, Communication, Goal Setting/Autonomy/Entrepreneurship, Reflection/Growth Mindset

School Improvement

School improvement can be measured by the shift in culture to grow learner achievement.   Educators can influence the outcome of school improvement by implementing e2L’s set of High-Yield Best Practices, curated based on a comprehensive review of research on what influences student achievement.

7 Courses Included: Assessment/Formative Feedback, Collaboration, Culture/Environment/Professional Ethics, Differentiation/Scaffolding, Goal Setting/Autonomy/Entrepreneurship, Small Group Instruction, Standards Alignment

Personalized Learning

With personalized learning, the educators step into a facilitator role, providing individualized support for learners. The learners are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in content and resources, resulting in a learner-driven, individualized experience that meets the needs of all involved.

8 Courses Included: Assessment/Formative Feedback, Collaboration, Critical Analysis/Inquiry/Research, Culture/Environment/Professional Ethics, Differentiation/Scaffolding, Goal Setting/Autonomy/Entrepreneurship, Small Group Instruction, Standards Alignment

Life Ready Skills

The development of life ready skills, also known as soft skills or 21st century skills, is critical for learners to secure and thrive in a 21st-century career. Incorporating behaviors that grow these skills in students allows them to experience a more engaging classroom environment and equips them with the skills needed for life.

6 Courses Included: Collaboration, Communication, Culture/Environment/Professional Ethics, Goal Setting/Autonomy/Entrepreneurship, Problem-Solving/Creativity/Innovation, Reflection/Growth Mindset

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning unleashes a contagious, creative energy among students and teachers. It is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.  As a result, students develop deep content knowledge, as well as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.

12 Courses Included: Assessment/Formative Feedback, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Analysis/Inquiry/Research, Culture/Environment/Professional Ethics, Differentiation/Scaffolding, Goal Setting/Autonomy/Entrepreneurship, Problem-Solving/Creativity/Innovation, Reflection/Growth Mindset, Relevance/Authenticity, Small Group Instruction, Standards Alignment

Ready for a culture shift in the classroom?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get a group of teachers access so they can grow together?

We make it affordable to provide access to an entire campus or district.  Courses are sold via campus or district site licenses. Pricing is based on how many courses you buy and how many campuses who need access.  Contact us to let us know your needs!

How long will it take teachers to complete?

The courses are self-paced, so you can decide! The modules are designed to help you learn and apply it to your classroom, and reflect before moving on to the next module. You will have access for the entire school year.

Are the courses self-paced?

Of course! Teachers can progress through courses at their own pace, and start and stop at their own leisure. You can even choose to work through them as a team during PLC or planning time.

Do PPC qualify for CPE hours?

Yes, engage2learn is a TEA-approved CPE provider. Each course is worth 6 CPE hours.

Will teachers be able to immediately apply this to their classroom?

Absolutely! Each course is designed so teachers can do just that! Applying is the best way to solidify learning, so each module includes an opportunity to take what has been learned and use it in the classroom right away.

What is the rubric that is included with each course?

Each course is based on an e2L Life-Ready Best Practice that was curated from research on what impacts student achievement. We have defined a rubric that describes how to successfully implement for maximum results.

How can I get a group of teachers access so they can grow together?

We make it affordable to provide access to an entire campus, district or individual teachers. Pricing is based on how many courses you buy. Contact us to let us know your needs! 

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