Campus Vision DIY


Create a common campus vision, set goals, and develop action plans.

Special Pricing: $6,300 for first district campus, $3,300 for each additional district campus


Make real progress towards your vision with the e2L Campus Vision DIY. This out-of-the-box process helps your campus come together around a common vision, set goals, and create an actionable plan to guide your campus for 3 years. Recommended for districts who have a District Strategic Design.

  • Final Product: Strategic Plan for your campus
  • Included with the solution is:
    • Trainer-of-Trainers session for 1 district staff member over one day
    • Customizable agendas, slide decks, facilitator checklists, and participant workspaces
    • Online Facilitation Course for Facilitators
    • e2L DIY online Facilitation and Collaboration Platform
    • Support for District from e2L
    • Two Webinars where district facilitators can ask facilitation questions and get additional support
    • Up to two 30 minute sessions of scheduled virtual technical assistance and facilitation support, as needed, for each district
  • Cost: $6,300 for first district campus, $3,300 for each additional district campus


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