Learner Profile DIY


Develop a set of characteristics, skills, and traits desired by your community for its learners.


Your learner profile is a collection of characteristics, skills, and traits desire by your community for its learners. It aligns operations and the learning experience to equip students for the future. Whether you’re building a tech plan, facilities assessment, or Strategic Plan, you need to define your profile of a learner. Use this readymade product to affordably create a shared vision of skills for your learners.

  • Final Product: Distinct Learner Profile designed by your community
  • Included with the solution is:
    • Customizable agendas, slide decks, facilitator checklists, and participant workspaces
    • Online Facilitation Course for Facilitators
    • e2L DIY online Facilitation and Collaboration Platform
    • One 30 minute session of scheduled virtual technical assistance and facilitation support.


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