June 29, 2020

8:30a – 12:00p CST

Agility & Equity
in the Age of COVID

100% FREE  •  Space is Limited to 100 Participants

Registration Deadline: June  26, 2020


Are you feeling anxious about what learning will look like in the fall? Are you spinning your wheels creating a Plan A, Plan B, or a combination of plans to fit every possible scenario and student need? A simple shift in perspective accompanied by an agile approach to instructional planning will help your teachers design amazing learning experiences that work in any context – physical, virtual, or hybrid.

Join us to learn tips and strategies for intentionally designing an equitable and engaging learning experience that works regardless of the learning environment. You’ll learn how to provide a framework for learning that ensures equity across all virtual and/or physical classrooms. You’ll learn how to design engaging experiences where students master content standards and life ready skills. You’ll see how to implement systems for learning that create autonomy and promote effective communication. Lastly, you’ll learn what family protocols are and how they will help you engage parents in the learning process.

This event will include a mix of pre-planned and on-demand sessions that answer your need-to-knows. Texas educators will also earn CPE credit for attending!

5 Reasons
Why You Can’t
Miss This Event!
See how an agile approach to instructional planning is critical when the future is uncertain.
Learn how to design for equity of the learning experience when classrooms take on different formats across your district.
Take home new ideas and approaches to improve student autonomy, equity, and engagement, such as family protocols that support the learning process.
We will develop sessions, based on your Need to Knows!
It’s 100%, completely FREE!

This event is perfect for public school district/campus leaders who…

need an agile plan for the fall, when we aren’t sure what school will look like.
experienced attendance challenges due to lack of engagement when transitioning to distance learning.   
had parents ask for resources to support their learners.
are curious about how competency-based learning fits into your instructional plan.
want to ensure equity and engagement for all students, regardless of their environment.
Agile instructional planning is critical to student success in 2020-21!

Redesign Learning Unconference Topics

June 29, 2020 • 8:30a – 12:00p CST

  • How to Use Student, Teacher, and Family Protocols to Guide & Structure Learning
  • Learner Agency and Student Templates for Facilitating Autonomous Learning
  • Facilitating Effective Student Collaboration in Face-to-Face and Virtual Settings
  • Designing Competency-Based Units
  • How to Integrate Life Ready Skills in Learning
  • Ensuring Equity and Mastery Acceleration through Competency-Based Learning and Grading
  • Increasing Learner Engagement in Virtual and In-Person Settings

Redesign Learning Unconference Registration

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