e2L Coaches Academy

Our goal is to make your district’s coaching self-sustaining through an on-site eGROWE Coaches Academy. We help districts certify existing coaches through our e2L eGROWE Coaching Model so they can continue growing teachers in the long run.

Through our performance-based coaching model, we’re able to train your coaches to sustain growth. This group of coaches keeps your team on track with goals, spreads clarity, and propagates persistence.

Increase your coaching capacity by including instructional specialists, library/media specialists, instructional technology coaches, literacy coaches, and assistant principals in eGROWE Coaches Academy. The way to ensure you are improving instruction, increasing achievement, and reaching your goals is through building coaching capacity.

e2L Studio is the only online platform that documents coaching conversations in a performance-based system. It’s aligned to standards and your state’s evaluation system with clear growth indicators, thousands of learning resources, a coachee portfolio builder, badging, and more.

At the end of the e2L Coaches Academy, you will have a self-sustaining system of internal coaches to support your teachers beyond our partnership.

Why should I train internal coaches?

e2L isn’t a one-and-done system. If you want to see results and a return on your investment, eGROWE Coaches Academy is a must.

Check out our partnerships to see the power of constant coaching support through eGROWE Coaches Academy. It’s only offered to High Performance Culture campuses.

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