e2L Framework

Do you want a proven learning framework that’s fresh out of the box? The e2L Framework has had proven success across the country. The e2L Learning Framework includes a five-step structure that’s customizable for relevant teaching and learning.

The e2L Framework provides effective professional learning, training, and coaching that ensures students get a competitive advantage at the collegiate or career level. Our framework has proven results for CTE programs and pathways, alternative campuses, magnet programs, STEM/STEAM campuses, turnaround situations, and gifted programs.

Over the course of four intensive days, we’ll teach your educators about the five-step process in the e2L Framework. They’ll experience a learning environment in the very same framework they're learning for a truly immersive experience. As a result, teachers will begin to understand how they can make an engaging, relevant, and differentiated learning environment within this framework.

But the learning doesn’t end here.

We coach after training to ensure fidelity of implementation in the long term. e2L creates a genuine coaching relationship with teachers, coaches, and administrators to clarify paths and meet their goals.

Does the e2L Framework, well, work?
Our framework is proven to work - no matter the school environment or challenges you’re facing. See how we work with school districts to produce stellar results with the e2L Framework.