eGrowe Executive Training & Coaching

Leadership matters.

As campus administrators become instructional leaders on campus, it’s critical that they train and coach to improve their abilities. A collection of forces presses on school leaders to continue growing and developing, and that’s where e2L steps in to help.

Our proven coaching process ensures leaders have the tools they need to lead. The e2L eGROWE coaching model for campus and district leaders uses our dynamic online system, e2L Studio, to align leadership coaching with the principal evaluation system.

Our proven coaching system creates a collaborative environment that focuses on personalized and attainable growth for school leaders. We focus on the power of goal-setting and self-reflection while building research-based leadership skills.

The e2L eGROWE coaching model ensures you have a targeted and intentional plan for leadership improvement and growth. Ultimately each individual’s growth is documented and measured in our online portal, e2L Studio, giving you actionable data every step of the way.

But is leadership coaching worth it?

Leaders are the cornerstone of your district. If leaders cease to grow, so does your district. It has never been more important to train and grow your leaders for the sake of your students.

Still not sure leadership coaching is for you? Check out our results page to see how e2L partners with school districts to train their executive leadership for superior results.

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