Learning Environment Design (LEDe)

What drives your planning and purchasing?

engage2learn grows teachers, leaders, and students in public schools. It’s our mission to make public education the best choice for learners. Public schools need to be the go-to selection for learners to acquire the Life Ready Skills they need to be prepared for college and/or careers.

When you’re committing a large investment to your learning environment, you want to make sure your dollars are spent in the right place. e2L makes sure your facilities and technology plan is intentional, specific, and based on your community vision for learning with our Learning Environment Design (LEDe) process.

We know you want to make a positive impact on student achievement and engagement, and we’re here to make the magic happen.

We partner with school districts and design firms to create an ideal learner experience through technology assessments, long-range technology plans, and facilities planning.

e2L’s Learning Environment Assessment of Readiness and Needs (LEARN©) Rubric is designed to create an innovative learning environment with seamless technology integration for student-oriented learning.

e2L LEDe and e2L LEDe Lite  partners are able to:

  • Show how architecture, design, technology, and the learning environment realize returns on learning, engagement, and achievement.
  • See the powerful impact of aligning technology and infrastructure to a district specific vision in the local community for an ideal learner experience.
  • Utilize the Learning Innovation Framework (LIFe) to build an environment and technology aligned to the desired learning experience. Everything is intentional.

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We know exponential student growth is possible when good design and good instruction come together - and that means better outcomes for our children in public schools.

During e2L LEDe, we’ll receive input from your community through our customized Design Thinking process. Once we design the ideal learner experience in your district, we help you create a learning framework. The resulting learning framework will be the basis for assessing your learning environment and will ensure the facilities and technology match your goals.

When you work with us on a facilities or technology assessment, you’ll receive a unique framework written by your community and district, actionable design principles for construction or renovation, and a sequenced timeline for rollout.

Do I need a Learning Environment Design? Why spend the time?

A learning-based facilities or technology assessment is crucial to ensuring your dollars are well-spent. Prove that you have return on investment in your initiatives where it matters most - in the classroom.

Ready to LEDe your district into the future?

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