Responsible Innovation Design (RIDe)

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You’ve created a roadmap of which  LIFe Ready Skills you want, but how do you get there? e2L helps you plan and roll out your initiative through Responsible Innovation Design (RIDe). Whether you’re designing for 1:1, personalized learning, literacy, or STEM, e2L facilitates your rollout for the smoothest possible transition.

Many districts are rich with initiatives, but implementing those initiatives is challenging - and it’s even more challenging to sustain them. A responsible and well-designed rollout is key to seeing a return on your investment.

e2L uses Design Thinking, Diffusion of Innovation Theory, and our own Initiative Inventory Process to facilitate an engaging and collaborative process for designing your rollout. Rely on our experience from partnering with over 175 districts for RIDe for the best learner outcomes.

But do I really need help implementing my plan?

We know you need a return on your investment, and e2L is committed to the future of your learners. We believe the best way to implement a new initiative is to do so through responsible rollout.

Still not sure if RIDe is for you? Check out our results page to see how we help school districts roll out their initiatives for the best possible results.

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