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How do you modernize your learning experience process and make sure that what students are doing every day truly prepares the for their futures? ?

e2L’s Learning Innovation Framework (LIFe) Design process helps you create an ownership model for all of your initiatives. We help schools define the characteristics, skills, and traits that the local community desires for students in their public schools. Keeping your end goal in sight is the guiding principle in every action you take. Know your learners and align your operations to match the experience you want for students.

We identify what your community wants for your learner experience,e2L will guide your team to create the components of a framework that ensures learners are having the necessary experiences to thrive in today’s context. Since research-based best practices are embedded, learners gain an understanding of content through a  personalized experience.  We’ll also use our Initiative Inventory and Strategic Abandonment processes to tighten up the framework by taking stock of current realities.

As a result of the LIFe process, you’ll receive a learning framework that is unique to your district and designed by the community for its learners. The framework includes specific learner outcomes, defined and branded components, and resources and is grounded in the 12 e2L-curated Life Ready Best Practices that ensure student achievement. That is how we help you get these results.

Why do I need a learning framework?

Not every district implements a learning framework, but it’s the best way to get a return on your investment in initiatives and the learner experience. A learning framework prevents teachers from seeing each initiative as “one more thing” and unites them within one framework.

A Learning Innovation Framework:

  • Is aligned to community vision
  • Integrates current district initiatives into “one thing”
  • Ensures you increase achievement while innovating the learner experience

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