Culture Strategic Design

You need a vision and we can help you create it.

The e2L Culture Strategic Design process is different because we involve the community at every phase of crafting your strategic plan. Schools often want an initiative as a quick fix to their problems, but to truly see change, a culture shift is needed. e2L uses culture-defining methodology and design thinking to guide our partners through the necessary culture shift and its moving parts during Culture Strategic Design.

We use a backwards design approach based so our Learner Profile Facilitation is an anchor to your strategic design that helps schools define the characteristics, skills, and traits that the local community wants from students in their public schools.

We then engage community stakeholders in a customized Design Thinking process to define the specific experiences your learners need. Based on your goals and the experiences you’d like your learners to have, we can then create a long-term plan to make your hopes a reality.

The end product of this collaboration is a five-year long-range master plan. e2L centers this strategic plan on your goals and desired outcomes for your teachers, leaders, and learners as a direct result of culture.

Want to know more? Check out Our Results to see how e2L improves learner outcomes through culture shifts.

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