Teacher Training & Coaching

Teachers are your best asset in the classroom. Are you investing in them?

e2L’s eGrowe coaching model ensures you have fidelity and sustainability in your district’s talent pool to get the results you need.

We’ve created 12 High Yield Best Practices that are the foundation of our coaching process. Through our online growth tracking system, e2L Studio, you can see how the e2L Coaching Model grows teachers over time.

Our teacher training and coaching system uses our eGrowe coaching model to track the individual growth of each teacher. Through goal-setting and self-reflection, teachers learn how to instruct for critical thinking.

When you partner with e2L for teacher training and coaching, you’ll see each touch documented in e2L Studio and subsequent teacher growth.

Do my teachers really need coaching?
Teachers are on the front line of education. They work tirelessly for their learners and need tools to instruct for Future Ready learning. If you’re not sure our eGrowe coaching model is for you, learn more about how e2L partners with school districts to coach their teachers for excellence.