Huntsville ISD Student on The Impact of e2L on Learning

November 21, 2016 - 2 minutes read

The quote below is from Karleen, a 7th grade student in Huntsville ISD, speaking about her experience with the e2L Learning Framework and the impact it is having on her education.

“Now, I have begun to realize why HELM (Huntsville Engage Learning Model) is different, but much, much better than other teaching styles. HELM is preparing our minds for our future. It is teaching us how to solve problems, and it is wonderful for History because it is teaching us how to learn from it, not just all of the random names and dates. When I am older, I may or may not remember the life of Jose de Escandon, or where Fransisco Hidalgo was born. Instead, I will remember their motives for coming to the Americas, and how that relates to people wanting to travel to other planets, to see beyond just this Earth. When will I ever need to know all of these names and dates and facts? The STAAR test. I dislike the STAAR test for many reasons, but now I see its biggest flaw. It is causing teachers to prepare us for the STAAR test, and not for life. HELM is exactly what our world needs, it is preparing young minds to solve problems and to work together in groups. . . When I get a job, I will not come to work and sit silently, and just listen to a person go on and on about a subject while I copy down what they are saying. I will come to work and talk with my coworkers while we all use our skills to figure out a solution to whatever the issue is. . .  Jobs are not the same, so schools cannot be either.