Aaron Wegenka

Visual Design Specialist


Although everyone can recognize that children are our future, they often seem to forget how near that future is and how important the education of children is to the success of our society. Aaron is blessed to have received a solid education and knows that this gift should not be a privilege offered only to some. It is a right for everyone, and that stretches beyond the boundaries of school districts and poverty lines.

Aaron vividly remembers walking to kindergarten at his neighborhood public school in a foot of snow, excited for the day ahead. He and his wife hope their children will someday have the same experience at the school one block from their current home in Texas, only without the snow.

His older sister used to teach at that same school, and his younger sister teaches elementary in another district. His brother teaches freshman English, and Aaron has been teaching people how to swim at his local gym for over ten years. You could say teaching runs in the family, but then again, teaching what others have taught us runs deep within us all. No matter how old we are, our education has shaped how we see ourselves and inspires us to dream, to create, and to solve life’s problems.

All children are born with creativity, but many grow out of it or (in many cases) have it educated out of them. Aaron considers himself to be one of the lucky survivors, who never gave up on that childhood dream of using his talents, living generously, and taking chances on work that matters.

Good design is good business, but it is also about more than the bottom line. Aaron believes that design can change the world. It can be propaganda for truth, goodness, and beauty. It can communicate big ideas more effectively, spread them like wildfire, or extinguish the false flames of ages past. He has seen design embolden a sense of ownership in clients and consumers alike and engender pride in their communities.

Aaron graduated from Texas Tech University in 2006 with a degree in communication design. After working at various marketing agencies, he fell in love with branding and ventured out on his own. As a solo entrepreneur, he enjoyed working directly with clients but missed the magic of collaborating with other creatives. He is an optimistic, visual storyteller and enjoys helping organizations to establish a voice, stand out from the crowd, and deliver on their promise. His work reflects his conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, hard work, and (above all) personal commitment.

Originally from the Midwest, Aaron has made his home in the Lone Star State for more than 20 years. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and loves to hike, swim, and surf. When he’s not pouring his heart into his designs, you can find him serving at church, eating tacos, or taking long walks with his wife, Kristin, and their dog, Sadie.

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