Amber Bennett

e2L Certified eGrowe Coach

Amber began her educational career as a third grade ELA teacher, a position she enjoyed for four years. Her past professional experience includes six years as a Literacy Coordinator on a K-5 campus. She helped teachers learn the district’s literacy framework and supported, modeled, and coached them to fidelity.

She would also team with each teacher to create individual goals and timelines for success. Amber provided both campus and district trainings to help teachers further understand the literacy process and learn ways to assess and monitor growth.

Amber mentored and trained new coaches in addition to developing curriculum and training for the district.

Before she was a coach, Amber was a Reading Recovery teacher for a year. She worked on one-on-one reading intervention for 6-7 year-olds that fell in the bottom 20% of their grade level.

Amber has a M. Ed in Teacher Leadership from Lamar University and advanced credits in early literacy behaviors. She has an in-depth understanding of early literacy and a child’s brain development from ages 5-8.

Amber brings enthusiasm and passion to education, training, and coaching that helps those involved see new possibilities for themselves and their students.

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