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Heather Chron-Bernard Headshot

Heather Chron-Bernard

Heather Chron-Bernard is excited to continue her life’s work in education as a coach with e2L. Heather began her teaching career as a middle school history and language arts teacher and then became a school counselor and administrator in a K-8 building. Focusing on diverse and English language learners, Heather focuses on social emotional competency for students in order for them to be academically agile. Heather cares about making a difference and being part of a team that works to provide an equitable experience for children, because every single child deserves a meaningful education.
Throughout Heather’s work in public education, it became clear to her that climate and culture in a school building are incredibly important in overall student success. As an administrator, behavioral health became a backbone for students to academically achieve. Working with student groups and promoting student voice became a calling and forged the path of her administrative career. Heather has implemented restorative practice measures with multiple systems of support to reduce bullying and suspension rates with great success.
B.S. in Education
M.A. in Human Services and Counseling
M. Ed. in Education Leadership

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