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Jamie Zertuche


Jamie began her career in education at Georgetown ISD, where she served as a 3rd grade ESL teacher. She later relocated to the Dallas area and was hired as a 3rd grade dual language teacher at Irving ISD.


After its opening year, Jamie moved to the net-zero campus, Lady Bird Johnson Middle School, to implement the e2L Learning Framework and 1:1 technology in an ELAR classroom. After seeing her students’ excitement, engagement, and mastery skyrocket, Jamie was hooked on creating authentic learning experiences and real-world connections to content.

After a successful year of full-time implementation, Jamie left JMS to assist an elementary school begin their journey of implementation of the learning framework.

During her time serving this campus, Jamie was charged with coaching teachers on creating autonomous, standards-driven, engaging classrooms. She also led campus-level professional development for the learning framework. Jamie collaborated with teachers on the creation of units that were both relevant and standards-aligned to the scope and sequence, complete with formative and summative assessments.

Jamie is passionate about students obtaining the Future Ready Skills needed to excel in the workplace. Creating a learning environment that not only supports autonomous learning, but also empowers students to learn past their required content is her strength. She is a great collaborative partner who will talk through the challenges that teachers face to positively affect their learners.

Key e2L Projects

  • Mesquite ISD K-2 Literacy Framework Coach
  • Arlington ISD Active Learning Cycle Pilot Coach
  • Arlington ISD Active Learning Cycle pilot training
  • Arlington ISD Active Learning Cycle training 2017-18
  • Created eStudio resources titled: Facilitating Future-Ready Skills
  • Created eStudio resources to support teachers in both Facilitation and Design
  • As Learner Services Support, created eStudio resources to support teachers implementing frameworks

Career Highlights and Experience

  • Facilitated campus level staff development on standards based engagement and PBL implementation- Irving ISD
  • Facilitated the e2L Learning Model- Irving ISD
  • Joined the newly opened  net-zero campus, Lady Bird Johnson Middle School- Irving ISD
  • 3rd grade teacher, Georgetown ISD
  • 3rd grade Dual Language teacher, Irving ISD
  • 7th grade ELAR teacher, Irving ISD
  • Implemented 1:1 technology and project management system for autonomous learning


  • Texas Tech University, Bachelors of Science in Education
  • Texas Tech University, Masters in Elementary Education
  • Lamar University, Principal Certification
  • EC-4 Generalist
  • 4-8 ELAR
  • K-12 ESL

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