Jen Hampton

Executive Director of Sales

Jen has over a decade of educational sector sales management experience. A natural-born problem solver, Jen’s deep knowledge of what educators truly need to help students from all walks of life informs her approach to matching teachers, schools and other educators with exceptional career development and classroom solutions. Jen is known for her keen ability to align herself with fellow team members in ways that produce exceptional results for individuals and the company at-large. Over the course of her career, Jen has worked with several non-
profits and educational organizations to realize their growth goals as well as create and implement training programs rooted in CRM prospecting, SaaS sales and new rep training.
Jen is truly passionate about education and credits several influential teachers with inspiring her own journey. Originally from an underserved area of rural Indiana, she earned a full scholarship to DePauw University where she studied music and business. Today, she plays clarinet, saxophone and guitar—and continues to look forward to facilitating similar opportunities to up-and-coming students in all areas of education.

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