Lauren Hurt-Ashwin

Growth Catalyst

Lauren joins e2L as a teacher coach with six years of experience.

As Lauren partners with teachers using the e2L eGROWE coaching model, her teachers express how she has made a direct impact in improving their skills by tapping into their students’ strengths and bringing high levels of student engagement. The teachers that Lauren coaches recognize her ability to listen to their needs, ask reflecting questions, and find e2L resources for just-in-time professional learning and classroom tools.

Lauren’s high expectations and relevant background always yield results.

With her knowledge in problem-based learning, mentoring, and resource development, Lauren is known to bring teachers together from across the state to share successes and challenges. Using high-tech tools such as Google Meet, her teachers can make connections at any time.

Because of her creativity in the instructional design and learning process, Lauren is highly sought-after to speak at conferences such as TAGT and South by Southwest (SXSW) EDU.

Key Engage Projects

  • Alvin ISD Coaches Academy
  • Ponca City Public Schools Collaborative Cohorts
  • Little Elm ISD Coaches Academy
  • Design and Visioning, West ISD
  • West ISD Coaches Academy
  • Harts Bluff ISD Collaborative Cohort
  • Arlington ISD Collaborative Cohort
  • Pinnacle 2020, Coppell ISD
  • Denison Lamar Collaborative Cohort
  • Compass Academy Collaborative Cohorts
  • Sunnyvale ISD Coaches Academy
  • Lytle ISD Coaches Academy
  • Irving ISD Coaches Academy
  • Anderson-Shiro Coaches Academy
  • Community ISD Collaborative Cohort
  • Corpus Christi- Metro Prep
  • Focus Groups, Georgetown ISD

Career Highlights & Experience

  • Designed and facilitated training and coaching for 300+ teachers and leaders implementing ELM
  • Coaching data highlights include:
    • 35% growth in 5th grade reading- Compass Academy
    • 22% growth in 4th grade writing- Compass Academy
    • 31% growth in 8th grade science- Harts Bluff
    • 33% growth in 8th grade social studies- Harts Bluff
    • 100% passing rate in Algebra 1- Harts Bluff
    • 90% passing rate- Olive May 5th grade ELAR- Irving ISD
  • Supported the Compass Academy campus movement from Improvement Required to number one in Math and Science for ECISD
  • Provided leader coaching for Alvin ISD, Sunnyvale ISD, Lytle ISD, West ISD, Anderson Shiro, and Little Elm ISD
  • Created Engage resources such as the Future Ready Skills rubrics, exemplar units and DIYs that increase fidelity and sustainability
  • Filmed and edited documentaries highlighting Engage learners, facilitators, and school districts including: Engage Learning and Alvin ISD, Journey of a Teacher in the Engage Learning Model, Grading and Assessments Dos and Don’ts, Story of Duncanville, Learners Love ELM, and Algebra I Research/Work
  • Presented at SXSWedu with SHW on innovative schools
  • Facilitated strategic design for West ISD and Huckabee-inc 2012
  • Presented at TAGT on innovative learning
  • Directed the Lady Bird Johnson PBL team
  • Facilitated Buck PBL- Irving ISD
  • Facilitated campus and district level staff development on standards based engagement and PBL implementation- Irving ISD
  • Facilitated the Engage Learning Model- Irving ISD
  • Assisted in the opening of the net-zero campus, Lady Bird Johnson Middle School- Irving ISD


  • Oklahoma State University, Bachelors of Science in Education
  • EC-6
  • 4-8 Generalist
  • 6-8 Science
  • Special Education


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