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Michelle Starcher

Michelle Starcher has served in K-12 education for over twenty-years with experience as an elementary teacher, curriculum writer, librarian, and technology coach. Michelle became a teacher because she wanted to share her love of literature and learning with students and realized early in her teaching career that students benefit when they are active participants in their learning. By utilizing e2L best practices, Michelle personalized classroom instruction to help her students develop the skills needed to be life-long learners. As a librarian and technology coach, Michelle worked with teachers and administrators to cultivate a culture of high performance that supports the growth and development of all learners. Michelle brings her passion for authentic, personalized learning to her role at e2L. She believes that all learners deserve a positive, risk-free learning environment that empowers them to create, collaborate, and think critically. Michelle’s strength is helping educators to utilize best practices, innovation, and creativity to bring public education into the 21st century.
Michelle is a life-long learn and is currently working on her doctorate in Learning Technologies at the University of North Texas. Her research interests include personalized instruction, online teaching and learning, professional development, digital learning leadership, and school transformation. She is committed to transforming education, so that all students are future-ready.
Education and Certifications:
 Master of Library Science, Texas Woman’s University
 Bachelor of Science Elementary Education, Cameron University
 School Librarian Grades EC-12 Certificate
 Elementary Self-Contained Grades 1-8 Certificate
 Elementary Mathematics Grades 1-8 Certificate
 Elementary Life-Earth Science Grades 1-8 Certificate
 Google Certified Educator

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