Sheridan Leftwich

Executive Assistant

After graduating from Texas A&M University, College Station, Sheridan worked at Intel’s newest microchip fabrication plant, Fab11X.  She later took some time away from the typical 9-5 job to run an in home daycare facility.  

From day one, she had a full roster of 12 children.  She ran a successful business for many years all the while raising four children of her own.  Loving on children during these early developmental stages gave her great insight into how children learn.   

She left daycare to homeschool her children for several years.  Teaching four children, four different grade levels of all subject matters, took a high level of work ethic and organization.  

After dipping her toe into education, through homeschool, she volunteered as an art teacher for kindergarten through 12th grade at Noah Webster Christian School.  With several years of experience as an office manager, her passion for children and her heart for education, Sheridan has what it takes to assist engage2learn in improving education for children everywhere.  

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